Last update: 03.01.2019
Last version: 03.01.2019

XiMpLe XML editor

XiMpLe is an xml editor based on a table grid view (the same nodes are arranged in tables).
The editor is free for non-commercial use and it can be used without installation.
Just download it (one file, approximately 0.5MB) and place it somewhere on your hard disk or flash-drive.
It should run on Windows XP (32 bit only), Win 7, 8 and 10 (.NET Framework 3.5 is required).
I would like to hope that this editor can be a good alternative to the professional xml editors (talking about editing not about transformations or post processing).

XiMpLe features:

XiMpLe data grid view for a simple xml file

A grid view for a simple xml file

A few words about genesis:

Originally I was looking for some xml editor which would be able to do several simple tasks:
- display xml data in tables (data grid view)
- be able to select several cells or rows in a table and copy their values to an external editor
- then paste modified values back to the table over old values or add them in new rows
- searching and replacing texts (ideally using wild cards) over elements and values in tables

Surprisingly there were only a few editors which display xml data in tables. And in this small set I didn't find any free (or cheap) editor which was able to fulfil my requirements (the professional ones were quite expensive maybe because they contain many additional functions for transformations and other stuffs which I didn't need).
Thus I started to develop the xml editor to make my work easier.